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Jun 14, 2019

N&J share their observations, tips and strategies for recognising when you are stuck in your thinking, feelings and in business challenges and talk about how they’ve solved problems…


In The Show

Nicola’s been busting techie tolerations, wrangling with inappropriate postings to her Stoupa Facebook groups, dining...

Jun 7, 2019

This week Judith has been thinking about how she would buy her next home and about the advice she gave her old friend about selling her business, and advising a client on how to structure a creative deal to sort out moving on from her home and going her separate way from her ex.


In The Show

Nicola’s enjoyed a...

May 31, 2019

Is your other half pulling their weight, or do you do more than your fair share in your relationship and at home?



In The Show

Nicola has had a hectic and fun week but she’s found it hard as all the jet leg from recent travels finally catches up with her.

Judith has two stories to tell, a happy one about a family...

May 24, 2019

Nicola and Judith share and swap stories, the good, the bad and the ugly, barmen and serving staff for starters and customer service online and off.


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Nicola is back from Las Vegas and staying in Shoreham for a few days with family before she returns to Greece. She tells Judith about her last couple of days...

May 17, 2019

What’s the point of masterminding and how does it work well? Nicola suggests it is creating friendships, giving and being of service to the other delegates, networking, learning new skills, sharing, giving and gratitude.


In The Show

Nicola is in Las Vegas attending a Mastermind event. She’s played poker, been on a...