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Dec 7, 2018

Rhys Morgan (no relation) was once a vicar. He is also a recovering alcoholic who is five years sober. He talks about how and why he got going with his Social Good Podcast and how his next venture will be about helping others to get and stay sober.


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Nicola’s frustrated by some changes with Gmail, and...

Dec 3, 2018

Robin Sharma says; “Show me your schedule and I’ll show you your values” and this got Judith and Nicola thinking about creating space for creative thought, creative thinking and creative output.


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Temperatures are down in Stoupa and Nicola talks of winter tavernas, wood-burning stoves and the chimney...

Nov 23, 2018


Debating the pros and cons of the internet and social media, including friendships and the ability to create a living from anywhere in the world with WiFi. Judith Morgan and Nicola Cairncross ask - but at what cost?


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Nicola’s been making the ladies at Write Club laugh when she transposed America...

Nov 16, 2018

Are you creating wealth in your business, or simply exchanging time for money? Nicola Cairncross and Judith Morgan discuss how self-employed people can secure their own financial future.


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Both Nicola and Judith have been struck down by evil bugs without knowing how they were infected. They’ve each been...

Nov 9, 2018

Paula Gardner joins us to talk about Chaos Theory which is about how every tiny decision alters your course and how you come to realise you have no control over events, good or bad.


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Nicola’s having a quiet week since sister Sarah returned to the UK. Dave’s Dining Club re-opens now that the offseason...