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Feb 16, 2019

Judith and Nicola first met Anita 14 years ago at The Acacia, Nicola’s B&B, at a Money Gym workshop. Anita describes Network Marketing as the Ultimate Coaching Business and tells how she discovered it, how it works for her and her team and how they use it as a side hustle or an entire business.


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Feb 8, 2019

Why does it seem sensible to make a business from scratch out of something you are not passionate about, when the thing you long to do seems unrealistic?


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Nicola describes her week as frantic because it is Sarah’s last few days so she’s been working with the new VA who is based in the Philippines. Her...

Feb 1, 2019

What criteria do you use to hire a coach? How do you think your clients hire you? How do you wish your clients would hire you? Nicola Cairncross and Judith Morgan discuss all this and more!


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Nicola’s return journey to Stoupa was far less stressful than her outward one, although it did end with a rather...

Jan 25, 2019

Both Nicola’s sister Sarah Cairncross and Judith are interested in creating a living from successful pro blogging. Nicola shares some interesting stories, articles, interviews, facts and figures and Judith tries to work out whether it is something she could do or pay to have done for her.


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Nicola is...

Jan 18, 2019

Nicola’s real-life challenge is to replace her trusted VA since her sister Sarah is moving on to pastures new. Judith and Nicola debate how to find, hire, train, manage and delegate to any replacement, whether full or part-time.


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Nicola has been re-learning the art of job applications, helping daughter...